about Kevin “Michael the Archangel” Koonce

about Kevin “Michael the Archangel” Koonce

I was born with the name Kevin Michael Koonce. That’s the name on my state issued ID. I was given that name by my father David Michael Koonce when I was born.

You see, the reason that my father’s middle name is Michael is that my grandparents prayed to God back in 1940 to send Michael the Archangel to the earth to cleanse the world of evil.

They had read and heard about Michael the Archangel being sent to the earth in the last days to command God’s Armies and quickly cleanse the world from a whole, whole lot of evil in a really short time.

Back in 1940, my grandparents George and Helen Koonce thought that there was a whole lot of evil in the world. And even though they didn’t have very much money, they worked really hard to make enough to have another child. They promised God that if he was ready to send Michael the Archangel to the earth, that they wanted a boy as a place for Michael’s spirt to go when it wasn’t in heaven being very busy. They promised God that if he was ready to send Michael the Archangel to the earth, to please consider their son as a body for his spirit to inhabit.

They told God that if he sent Michael the Archangel to the earth, if he was their son, that they would work very hard to be able to provide for him with a good upbringing so that he would be ready to get things done when he is older.

God decided that he really liked these people (my grandparents), but he wasn’t ready to send Michael the Archangel to earth quite yet, so he decided to send his father instead.

Throughout his life, my father secretly believed in God much more that he let people know. He knew God was real because God let him know things that would happen before they happened many, many times in his life. My father knew 5 years before I was born, that he was going to be the father of Michael the Archangel. God secretly had my dad prepare for my life before I was born in the exact way that he wanted it to happen to get ready for me to arrive on July 24 1977.

My father had the middle name Michael on his ID, but his middle name actually was Michael the Archangel.

On July 24 1977 he became father to the boy that his middle name is named after. That means that I am named after my father, who was named after me, which means that I am named after myself.

I am named after myself because I am Michael the Archangel.

God has a way of figuring things out like that.

God thinks I have the perfect birthday for for a guy who didn’t know he actually was Michael the Archangel until around May 2021. I was born on Pioneer Day 1977, in the hospital, during the time that sacrament meeting was happening at the local Mormon church that they were attending at the time.

God thought that during sacrament meeting time on Pioneer Day 1977 would be exactly the right moment for Michael the Archangel to be born, because God thinks the Mormons are the most correct, and to show them specifically that Mormons were the most correct, I was to be born on Pioneer Day which is only a Mormon holiday. If I was born on Christmas, then a lot of religions would also celebrate that day, and he wanted to give this one to the Mormons.

But if you aren’t Mormon that’s ok, God still loves you even if you don’t believe in him, or even if you are a different religion. He actually intentionally makes some nice people not believe in him on purpose just so that they can have a very nice surprise after their life.

By being born on July 24 1977, the numbers in my birthday are 24/7/77.

God wanted the numbers in my birthday to say MORMON DEVINE INTERVENTION. God decided that Michael the Archangel should have the numbers 777 in his birthday to show in another way that it’s actually him.

God thinks he is real, and he thinks that he created the universe, because he did.

He thinks that all of the animals on his world including humans belong to him since he created all of them. Typically he lets his animals do things he doesn’t like.

If any of his animals are doing anything he doesn’t like, most of the time he lets them do it.

But apparently if people want to do things he really really really REALLY doesn’t like, he feels like he has the right to step in, because he does.

Since he didn’t feel like doing this all by him self, he asked me if I would help.

After careful consideration, I have agreed.

So it appears that God wants me to be in charge of the Illuminati.

They are doing a few things he doesn’t like.

He wants me to talk to them about it.

He figured out a way to let me know what those things are.

Now honestly, at first I didn’t really wanna do it. It sounds like a royal pain in the butt.

I would rather screw around and keep flying and playing video games in my free time than figure out the Illuminati’s entire ridiculous horse crap pile. If there ever was a group, that more than anyone else in history, had the biggest pile of horse crap that needs to be figured out, my first guess would be that they probably are the Illuminati.

But God wants me to make sure that the Illuminati know that if they don’t correct a few things, that they aren’t doing it his way, he will royally mess up the earth with a goddamn asteroid.

If you morons (I’m talking to you Vladimir Putin and his people) don’t stop your goddamn pointless wasting of lives, money and resources trying to redraw lines on maps, then God will make it so there isn’t a map.

Russia needs to stop being dumb and get its tanks where they are supposed to be.

Then, they need to start cooperating in space so we can actually fight this actual threat. Because we need to use the resources and people of the world working together to fight this.

If Russia doesn’t get their god damn tanks back where they belong, then God will send 4 invincible Archangels to the Earth, and will call them the Four Horsemen. Just kidding. He isn’t going to send them, they are already here, and I know they are here, because God thinks I’m one of them.

Michael the Archangel (sshhh don’t tell anyone but God thinks I’m him!!!) will lead the other 3 invincible Archangels to wipe away the evil really REALLY quickly. God thinks he wants me to do that by buying your tanks with my nuts and giving them to the Ukrainians, if they don’t IMEDIATELY go where they belong. It appears that God would prefer that Russian tanks remain in Russia.

Oh, so most of the people in the Illuminati would probably like that (me throwing a God play that screws up their plans) but there will likely be a few that won’t, and for them, that’s too bad, isn’t it? God might decide to change a few of your plans around that he doesn’t like. He thinks he gets to do that apparently.

God, for some reason, thinks that if your goddamn tanks aren’t back where they belong, Vladimir Putin, that I am to lead the other 3 horsemen to wipe them from HIS planet.

He even told me how he wanted it done.

Go home Vlad, while you still have some tanks left.

Try not to run out of gas on the way home, or I’ll probably just show up so that I can blow your equipment up with your own tanks, just like the Ukrainians do.

Go home or I’ll funk you up with you OWN SHIZZZ. I don’t need anything to do it. If God wants me using your tank, he will figure out how to make that happen. God might even decide to show me that he is real by having me paint my nuts blue and yellow, and then he might have me buy your tanks using nothing but my nuts, and then I will give the tanks that I bought with my nuts to the Ukrainians.

Once I buy a lot of your tanks using nothing but my nuts, we will then have a lot of tanks that I kept buying over and over using the same pair of nuts.

When your tanks come rolling in painted blue and yellow, that I bought with my nuts, after calling that I would do it, you might decide that you believe in God now too!!!!

Vladimir Putin: God thinks that since he can create a universe, then he can also:

A. Make sure his guy (me) gets in one of your tanks safely; and

B. Proceed to have me blow you up with your own shizzz.

Yep. The guy who knows how to create an entire Universe apparently thinks he can also do the 2 points mentioned above. That’s actually pretty easy stuff for a guy like that to do.

God also actually can temporarily take control of any of his animals that he wants to at any time he feels like. I know this because he has done it to me before.

Don’t be surprised if God temporarily takes control of your body if you are trying to shoot me, just so I can walk up, hit my vape, have time to make a phone call, THEN take a video of you looking really surprised when I take your (I mean God’s) gun out of your hand, just so I can take it apart and throw different pieces in different trash cans. Then I’ll probably laugh as I hit my vape and casually walk away. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Any assassins that are trying to hurt me should look forward to a lot of fun scenarios like that. God told me to tell you all that he is REALLY looking forward to it. He is going to think it’s really funny seeing some of you people look very, very uncomfortable.

The Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel:

defend us in battle.

Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of GOD, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. AMEN

P.S. God told me that doing this is a really REALLY good way to get the attention of the Illuminati, because apparently he really wants me to get their attention.

He wants me to tell them that if they don’t do things his way, meaning my way, that he will let the earth be destroyed. If that happens, he’ll just make another one and start over again.

Since I don’t want that to happen, please have someone in the Illuminati call me or text me at 8014482494 or email me at MichaelthearchangelDCCLXXVII@gmail.com as soon as possible, or God will destroy the earth in 2036 because some of you people are just a bunch of imbeciles.

God made the Romans have a really ridiculous numbering system JUST so that I could have a Gmail address. I bet you didn’t see that coming, did ya????? Trust me, there are a LOT more surprises coming!!!! Yeyyyy!!!!!!

Thanks and have a blessed day