Hang glider pilot high mountain training package

215If you are an aspiring hang glider foot launch mountain pilot, this might be for you.  Height and weight restrictions apply (nobody over 200 pounds).  Included in the Hang 2 mountain pilot package is 5 high mountain tandem flights, where you will get time soaring and linking turns during the flight, with the instructor right there giving advice and prepared to take over control if necessary.

By practicing flying with the instructor's guidance, you can learn to fly faster and easier than if you were to work your way up the hill without doing tandem flights.

Also included in the 5 tandem flights is 6 training hill sessions.   Additional lessons or tandems may be required and purchased for a discounted rate, ($175 instead of $250 for high mountain tandems and $100 instead of $150 for lessons) but this package will get most people well on their way to being a soaring mountain pilot. Individual student progress may vary.

Purchasing this package also gets you $50 off of a harness, $50 off a parachute, AND $200 off a new glider purchased from Birdman Academy.

How much does this equipment cost?

Birdman Academy is looking to train the serious pilot, who is interested in taking the lessons needed to fly as safely as possible, as well as get the correct equipment for their beginner pilot solo flying situation.

Parachute:  $697  (includes shipping, sales tax, with $50 off.  Other parachute options and sizes may vary in price)

Harness:  Around $800, depending on options, for a custom fit harness that will be comfortable enough to do that long soaring flight you are after.

Glider:  Around $4200 gets you a brand new glider that flies great and will last a long time if properly cared for.

Yes, all the gear is a pile of cash to come up with at once, but being able to get over 1000 flight hours on your $6000 bird suit gets the airtime to about $6 per hour over the life of your gear.  Not bad in the long run. Equipment prices are subject to change, but this gives you a ballpark figure of what to expect.

The ideal hang gliding candidate will have some schedule flexibility to get there when the conditions are good, and will want to buy a harness and chute within a few lessons, so you have something comfortable that fits you and was made to your body shape. That would be ideal for hang 2 training, although I have some equipment you may use if necessary.

Once we determine which size and make of glider is suitable, getting it ordered is important because it takes about 2 months to get a custom glider made and shipped, although frequently there are inventory gliders available for immediate shipping.

Getting your glider when you are finishing up training is important, in that students are often a lot more careful when learning to soar when they are on their own equipment, which works out better for everyone.

Any questions feel free to call (or text) 8014482494, usually I can talk on the phone between noon and 4 pm mountain time, and at other times as well if we aren't flying.



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