Birdman Academy: Hang gliding and paragliding tandem flights and lessons in Utah

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If you would like to buy a lesson, please click here.

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7 step training process

Through an already proven 7-step process, students can move from first lesson to sustained soaring flight in a safe easily explained fashion. In order to move on to the next step, both the instructor and student must feel confident with the students ability to perform the appointed task, or else the student will not move higher on the hill which would expose them to unnecessary risk.

7 steps:

  1. Flying down low at running height above the ground, practicing basic controls, which happens in the first lesson.
  2. Flying a few feet higher off of the ground, from a foot or tow high to 5 or 10 feet high, practicing takeoff and landing. This also typically happens in the first lesson, as long as the student is behaving themselves and showing they can respond to basic control instructions.
  3. Flying from a bit higher, practicing basic small turns, between 30 or 50 feet above the ground. This would typically in the next few lessons.
  4. Flying a bit higher, about 80 or 100 feet high, practicing more turns would typically happen a few lessons after that.
  5. Flying off of the top, about 275 feet high, practicing lore turns as well as landing approaches (making it to where you are supposed to go).  Typically around this step the student is H2 or P2 qualified.
  6. Flying off the top, flying in stronger wind, kiting the glider in wind, and soaring
  7. Ground school: learn about wind and weather, how the air interacts with terrain, how to know if it is good to fly or not, preflight, glider inspection, soaring and high mountain flying concerns


Legendary Conditions

The local weather conditions at the Point are legendary for producing consistent smooth training winds, which provide maximum potential for hang gliding and paragliding during the lesson. Many different training locations will familiarize students with the act of ‘hang waiting’, which is defined as waiting on launch until the wind blows in a favorable, sustained cycle.

Hang gliding and Paragliding lessons at the Point do sometimes involve hang waiting, but the amount of time spent waiting for wind at the Point is much less than anywhere else. The wind at the Point really loves to blow in at the south side almost every morning, which makes your job of learning to fly much easier and faster!

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  1. ron granado says:

    I am extremely interested in getting my hang gliding certification to be able to solo. I live out of state but I am willing to travel. Can you condense or link a bunch of lessons together in a short amount of time such as a week or two?

    • admin says:

      Hello everyone, the comment section has unfortunately been over run by spambots 🙁 I can’t check the comments left here anymore. Please call or text 8014482494 for more information, or if you have questions!

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