Terms and conditions

Lesson and tandem flights require a prepayment in full to secure your spot.
Please text 8014482494 at noon the day before your flight to confirm you are coming and to check for weather conditions. If you or anyone in your party does not show up for their lesson or flight the day of, without giving at least 48 hours notice, then up to 100% of the cost of the flight is forfeit (voided) due to last minute cancellation . Please tell us at least 48 hours ahead of time if you or someone in your party can’t make it so that we can make other arrangements.

If the weather is not good the day of the flight, you may reschedule for free.

If the weather does not cooperate on the requested flying day, there are 14 days available to request a refund for flights purchased from Birdman Academy. Refund requests must be made in writing, texting 8014482494 is preferred.

If you buy a flight and do not schedule a time to fly, then the refund period ends 14 days from the date of purchase.

Flights that were not refunded within 14 days after the last scheduling attempt are not refundable, but are still valid.

Refunds for flights that were purchased through a discount third party (such as Groupon, Amazon, Living Social ect.) must be refunded from the third party, and must comply within the refund limitations provided by that third party.  Birdman Academy does not refund discount certificates (bought from another source) directly to the consumer for any reason. There is a 14 day period for refunds for certificates issued from Birdman Academy. Please make sure that you will still like the person 15 days from now if you decide to buy them a flight.
If you come to fly, and the instructor deems the conditions are good, yet you decide for any reasons not to go, then your payment is voided and not refundable as that would be a very last minute voluntary cancellation.
For morning flights or lessons, please be available from the starting time your instructor tells you the day before until 11 am for paragliding or 12 noon for hang gliding. For evening flights, please be available from the time the instructor tells you to be there until sunset. If you cannot make the entire timeframe please tell us beforehand.
If you decide to leave because conditions aren’t good yet, (without the instructor saying its OK to leave because it probably won’t happen) then your payment is not eligible for a full refund. Please be prepared to stay until the instructor says its ok to leave.

All participants should be between 100 and 220 pounds, at least 5 feet tall and be 18 or over.
Hang gliding tandems are an upper weight limit of 180 (sometimes up to 200) and the paragliding weight limit is 220 pounds.
Hang Gliding and Paragliding are dependent on weather conditions, and weather conditions may change at any time, sometimes without notice, which may affect flight times for tandems and the number of flights for lessons.
Tandem flights usually last between 10 and 20 minutes, but if the wind dies, the flight may be shorter, or if the wind is good, they may be longer. There is no refund or partial refund for shorter than average time tandem flights. If conditions allow (after everyone who hasen’t flown yet gets a chance to fly) and there is a chance for another bonus free flight at the end with the same glider and instructor, that may happen as long as it is in the same visit. There is no refund for flights not redeemed or for unused lessons from lesson packages.
Unused flights purchased from Birdman Academy never expire.
Living Social, Amazon, City Weekly and Groupon promotional value expire the date listed on the ticket. Unused expired discount tickets are no longer valid as the full flight payment, but the amount paid does still apply towards a full price flight (@$189)

Training and flights happening at the Point of the Mountain can be rescheduled for free, although “deal” flights must happen before the expiration date to avoid paying a fee.

Mountain tandems may reschedule for free, unless we go out to the site and can’t fly, in which case there is a fee to account for our time and gas/ vehicle wear in order to go check conditions.

*Terms and conditions may change without notice, but will be displayed here.



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