HG videos

The Birdman and Alex drop a cliff in Moab

The Birdman test flying a t-2

The Birdman and some south side tandem pasasengers

Benching up a North Side hang gliding tandem

A Northside hang gliding tandem flight

The Birdman Swooping and doing sliders on the south side while listening to tunes.


A Video by Jeff O’Brien documenting some very nice flying. Footage compilation from 1999- 2005.


Wolfgaing Seiss flying a Wills Wing T2C Hang Glider – dragging his foot across about a quarter mile of lake. Excellent.


A Birdman Academy Beginner Lesson


Here is a video of a Birdman Academy student getting his first soaring flight!


Fly This! A YouTube video made by Megan Beshalske. The Birdman and other Kitty Hawk Kites instructors flying.


Shores of Elysium: See some great beach soaring in Nags Head, where the Birdman learned.


Point of the Mountain Hang Gliding by Mike Cosner. A quick flyby on the South Side Point of the Mountain.


Hang Gliding Marina Beach, by Mike Cosner. Mike Cosner flying Marina Beach, CA




Hang Gliding Outer Banks by Mike Cosner. The KHK crew shows you how it’s done with the elusive 20mph east wind! Tourists, this is not for you. Scenes from the beaches and Jockey’s Ridge State Park. See where the Birdman learned to fly!




The Birdman Academy Founder Kevin Koonce performing a takeoff and landing demonstration while working at Kitty Hawk Kites. Video: Kitty Hawk Kites.




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