Student Testimonials

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Flying tandem with Kevin at the Birdman Academy was totally awesome and exactly what we had hoped it would be. We have a weird schedule and live an hour away, and he worked with us to get the best flying day possible! We plan to go back to Birdman Academy next year with friends! We highly recommend this experience to everyone!

Thanks Kevin
Jolon and Jessica K.

Here is video a tandem passenger made

Here is video another tandem passenger made

Here is a video of a student getting his first soaring flight.



Here is what student Stefan Seeling has to say about the Birdman.
“The Birdman is the best guy to go to if you have any desire to learn how to fly! His experience, teaching ability, and great sense of humor helped me get in the sky faster than I thought possible. He keeps everyone safe, and motivated at the same time. If you want to learn how to hang glide, the Birdman is the man! Going to see him at the Point was well worth the travel.”

Below is the video from his first flight from off of the top of the training hill.



Here is what Mark Cahur thinks about the Birdman.

“The Birdman taught me how to Hang Glide!  Kevin Koonce (aka the Birdman) provided me with over 40 training flights in 3 days of lessons. I believe I was the first enrollee at Birdman Academy, however I quickly learned I was not his first student. Kevin’s long history at Kitty Hawk became very apparent.  His enthusiam is amazing and his easy-going character is a pleasure to “hang” with.  As a 16 year paraglider pilot I am familiar with many aspects of foot launched aviation. The Birdman’s knowledge was on par with everything I have come to respect while pursuing my flying career as a paraglider pilot.  I would highly recommend Birdman Academy.  What else are you gonna go do at Point of the Mountain except hang out with the Birdman Academy?  Thanks Kevin!”


Sincerely,  Mark Cahur H1, P4


Jeff Davies is an extremely motivated climber turned hang glider pilot that came out repeatedly from Durango, CO for the consistent training conditions at the Point. Out of 16 lessons and 6 total weekend trips, we only missed 1 day of training due to foul weather. The next few videos show his progression while learning how to fly.

Below is the video from a flight at the bottom of the training hill (south side) where he nails his first no step landing.



After practicing launching, landing, and turns, Jeff is now ready to launch off of the top of the South Side.

Below is his first flight off of the top of the south side training hill, about 300 vertical feet.



After a few flights off the top of the South Side, we are now ready to double the height: Jeff is now launching off of the 3/4 launch on the north side, approximately 600 feet vertical to the landing field below.



Now we are up at the top of the North Side with about 1000 feet of vertical to the landing field below. Jeff is now ready to soar, and will soon be moving on to his first solo mountain launch.



Jeff is now a rated pilot, has finished training, and is moving on to his first solo mountain launch, without his instructor!



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