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Weather Policy

If for any reason the weather prohibits us from conducting any training, you may reschedule to the next available class free of charge.The Point of the Mountain (near Salt Lake City, Utah) is known as one of the best locations in the world for consistent conditions. Please call or text 801-448-2494 the afternoon before your lesson to check the forecast for the next day.
*does not apply for expired discount flight certificates, please use before listed expiration

Birdman Academy: Hang gliding and paragliding tandem flights and lessons in Utah






Hang glider and paraglider gift certificates are available. Normally $185 for an intro flight or tandem, now on sale for $130. Call (801)448-2494 for details.

We take your flight training seriously at Birdman Academy. Our founder, Kevin Koonce, had taught thousands of beginner Hang Gliding lessons while working for a few years as an instructor at Kitty Hawk Kites. Over thousands of lessons, he has seen many different people make the same beginner mistakes while learning how to Hang Glide, and has many helpful techniques to help beginning students that have been learned from spending many years travelling around the U.S. and talking to many different Hang Gliding instructors.

While working at Kitty Hawk Kites, “the Birdman” oversaw the first Hang Gliding lessons of approximately¬†8,000¬†first time Hang Gliding students.

As well as teaching Hang Gliding, “the Birdman” was not only privileged to fly a 1902 Wright Brothers Glider replica, but was key in the “figuring out” of how to fly, launch and land the glider replica; not only with the fellow Hang Gliding instructors, but also in working with the team of hot shots (an F-18 test pilot, a few airline pilots, astronaut trainee, an Apache attack helicopter instructor, and others) that were trying to learn how to fly the glider replica in order to help them learn how the 1902 powered Wright Brothers glider will fly!

Legendary Conditions

The local weather conditions at the Point are legendary for producing consistent smooth training winds, which provide maximum potential for flying during the lesson. Many different training locations will familiarize students with the act of ‘hang waiting’, which is defined as waiting on launch until the wind blows in a favorable, sustained cycle.

Hang gliding lessons at the Point do sometimes involve hang waiting, but the amount of time spent waiting for wind at the Point is much less than anywhere else. The wind at the Point really loves to blow in at the south side almost every morning, which makes your job of learning to fly much easier and faster!